Dña. Luz Marina Perera Santana : Traditional Costume Tailor

Luz Marina Perera Santana learned dressmaking from a very young age attending a trade school that specialized in dressmaking in Las Palmas. Subsequently she undertook a course in traditional Gran Canaria dress given by FEDACE (Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Artesanía Canaria) to a selection of seamstresses on the island. Since that time, 1996, she has dedicated herself to the manufacturing of various types of costumes worn during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: from the simplest peasant to the most elaborate dresses, costume galas, via what is known as costume transition and men's tailoring. Faithfully she reproduces all the details of these garments using fabrics that are similar to those used at that time such as wool and flax. In addition, she has the interesting hobby of restoring old clothes, and fashioning them into models in order to keep the culture alive for future generations (You can see some of her work on display at the Tourist Office in Valleseco). The rest of her time is dedicated to offering courses on Canarian clothing to new students and she attend trade fairs such as the Fiestas de la Manzana Valleseco where you can admire your work. For details regarding her classes, ordering a costume, please call 609 089 681.

609 089 681