D. Carlos Santiago Hernández : Basket Weaver

Carlos Santiago Hernández is a basket weaver, and he learned his trade back in the fifties from his brother. He uses materials such as wicker, "el codeso" and cane to make baskets of different types for different uses. The wicker baskets were once used for many jobs in the field. The cane baskets were used by women to carry laundry up las acequias (outdoor washing areas). And small wooden Codeso were used to store goods. The materials he uses are collected in the vicinity. The wicker is removed from the mimbrera which is a plant that grows primarily in wet areas such as base of the cliffs. The Codeso is a very common shrub in the midlands area and the cane is a plant that grows abundantly. This craftsman has his studio in the neighborhood of Valsendero, where he lives and where you can visit in order to buy his baskets. He also accepts jobs on commissions.

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