Dña. Inmaculada Cárdenes Alemán : Ceramics Artist

Inmaculada Alemán Cardenas was interested in art from an early age, but her duties did not allow her to devote herself to practice until recently. She chose to study ceramics from all the possibilities offered by the School of Arts and Crafts, and she studied for four years. She uses two types of materials: refractory clay and stoneware. She has dedicated herself to her development of ceramics style in the old ways of her ancestries. She works with clay "a churro", which is, modeling the background first and successively adding pieces of clay to lift the piece without using the winch. She uses two techniques decorating: one is called "bizcocha" (cake) the piece than bake, then apply the glaze and cook a second time in the oven. The other technique requires a raw piece to receive the best engobe then cook it later. She paints the pieces using different pigments for mixing striking colors. She observes nature is for inspiration which is reflected in her pieces, especially in dishes where components of the Canarian flora as ferns, vines or bicácaros. You can admire her work in her studio located in Monagas, prior to visiting please call ahead 629 02 84 54. You will also find her at fairs such as the Fiestas de la Manzana in Valleseco.

629 02 84 54