Nicolás Arencibia Rivero : Wood crafts

Nicolás Rivero Arencibia is a versatile craftsman who was always been attracted to his craft but not until recently has been able to truly devote himself fully. He both weaves baskets and makes wooden box carvings each with the techniques he developed as picadillo Canario working wood for making farm implements for daily use. He learned his craft from other craftsmen and has taught courses at FEDACE (Foundation for the Development of Crafts Canaria) in Valleseco. The materials use uses are collected in the local area, cane and wicker basketry and from chestnut, walnut, pear or mimbrera for crates and tools. Normally he takes the trees that have fallen naturally or been cut down and forgotten in the area to do his projects. In addition, he makes pieces in normal size or in miniature, fashioned in trophies for events or ceremonial baskets which are in high demand by tourists. To see his work close up you can visit his workshop which is located in the neighborhood of El Lomo, prior to visiting, please call 928 61 81 44. You can also find him or his work featured in the craft market which is held during the Fiestas de la Manzana de Valleseco.

El Lomo
928 61 81 44