Restaurantes in Valleseco


With a culture so rich in produce, it isn't extraordinary that you can savor these locally grown foods in a range of different style restaurants throughout our municipality, from a traditional cuisine and to the more modern, based, of course, on our culinary history.

The apple, cheese, and gofio play an important role in our local dishes, and, of course, the our amazing meat!. More information can be find reviewing our restaurants below:




Specialty in Canarian style cuisine: carne de cerdo, carne a la brasa, mojo de cochino, potaje canario, puchero, rancho


Homemade food. Specializing in grilled meat.

Specializing in beef and pork. Cheese and other products of the area like chestnuts, walnuts, apples, sweets, sausages, honey, etc.


If you want to bye somethig typical from Valleseco, there are delicious local products such as Cider, Apple Pastries, Cheese, "Gofio" ...

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Excellent food, cozy and elegant, with amazing views, and easy parking.


Specialty Canarian style cuisine: chicken soup, watercress soup and jaramagos, pork in salsa, goat and rabbit adobo, sancocho. Spacious rooms and beautiful views. Ample parking and affordable prices.

Elabora una cocina típica canaria de calidad y realizada a conciencia con productos de nuestro municipio. Desde el 2010, forma parte del Plan de Mejora Gastronómica de Hecansa.

Straddles a beautiful ravine and provides amazing viewpoints of Teror and Las Palmas.

Bar Cafetería La Herradura -C/León y Castillo, 28, Valleseco (tlf.928-618419)

Bar Cafetería Mi Cielo – C/León y Castillo, 15, Valleseco (tlf. 928- 61 87 76)