Casa Dieguito

Casa DieguitoCasa DieguitoCasa DieguitoCasa Dieguito
Casa Dieguito
C/Hoya Perdomo, 2, Lanzarote
Tel.: 928 39 01 69

capacity: 4 persons car access secluded house minimum rate/day: 70.00 € / 2 persons
Old-style housing from the mid-nineteenth century, renovated in 2001. This home is located within an area of 2,700 square meters and very close to the village with all services therein. It is accessible by car to the main entrance, with easy access from the road. It has a courtyard entry with a covered corridor leading to the kitchen, bathroom and living room, and more bedrooms. It has a loft that can be used as a bedroom. Most of the furniture have been restored in an attempt to maintain their the home's traditional favor.
In the vicinity, you can buy typical products of the area like cheeses, fruit and fresh bread. It is situated in a valley flanked by ravines and Valsendero Madre del Agua mountain, an area that stays a constant green throughout the year.
The home is part of a small farm with fruit trees and land dedicated to the planting of food in the area such as potatoes and millet. It is located in mountain area, inviting a direct contact with nature in the vicinity of the Parque Natural de Doramas, which includes places like the Barranco de la Virgen, where you can still enjoy an interesting excursion into the laurels which have a high botanical value. It is also framed within the park, "La Laguna", an area of great scenic beauty, which is both a bird observatory and a recreational area.
2 Bedrooms
2 bedrooms with double bed
Auxuliry bed: 1
1 extra bathroom
Surface of 30 m2 terrace
Surface of 2500 m2 farm

Facilities: Pets allowed, hot water heaters, private parking, BBQ, electric mixer, first aid kits, coffee maker, espresso machines, stereo with CD player, cot with linen, juicer, oven, kitchenware and  TV

1 bedroom with double bed, loft with double bed and sofa bed. Large terrace, garden, farm of some 2,700 m2. Private parking at the farm.
Upon booking confirmation, you will be sent detailed about the meeting point , you will meet the manager of the accommodation facilities and clarifying accommodation issues.


Staying in this wonderful house provide access for amazing hiking in Valleseco. Check out our hiking routes information  below, and please try our community service:  "Mejor en Taxi" which makes for an easy and economical way to experience trekking Valleseco.

Distances for  la Casa Dieguito to the trail heads and ends
Valleseco Hiking Trails
Trail's start point Trail's end point Trail hiking time Coste del servicio
"Mejor en Taxi"
(ida y vuelta)*
Cruz de Tejeda - Lomo Rosa (PR GC01) 8,1 kms. 1,2 kms. 2 h. 20 min. 9.30 €
Cruz de Tejeda - Valsendero (PR GC04) 8,1 kms. 6,9 kms. 3 h. 15 min. 15.00 €
Valleseco - Valsendero (PR GC05) 2,6 kms. 6,9 kms. 1 h. 20 min. 9.50 €
La Laguna - Barranco de la Virgen         (PR GC06) (Por la Puerta de la Montaña) 4,1 kms. 9,9 kms.. 1 h. 30 min. 14.00 €
La Laguna - Barranco de la Virgen         (PR GC07) (Por los Chorros) 4,1 kms. 11,2 kms. 3 h. 50 min. 15.30 €
Lomo Rosa - La Laguna (SL 01) 1,2 kms. 4,1 kms. 0 h. 50 min. 5.30 €
La Laguna - Barranco de la Virgen (SL 02) (Por Zamora) 6,9 kms. 4,1 kms. 2 h. 10 min. 11.00 €
Valsendero - Las Madres (SL 03)         (Bco. De la Virgen)  6,9 kms. 11,2 kms. 1 h. 10 min. 18.10 €

* You can also use the service one way only, or try other starting or ending points like bus stops or restuarants...




Peaceful and amazing

We had a chance to stay last weekend and we loved it!