Compose tips

  • Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.
  • Lines and paragraphs are automatically recognized. The <br /> line break, <p> paragraph and </p> close paragraph tags are inserted automatically. If paragraphs are not recognized simply add a couple blank lines.
  • It's possible to show video content in the lightbox. In this case the "rel" attribute should be set to lightvideo. It's possible to group videos and to control the size of the lightbox by setting the "width" and "height" properties. The properties can be configured like lightvideo[group|width:300px; height: 200px;][caption]. The properties should all be of the format "property: value;" - note the closing semi-colon. If no properties are set, then the default width and height of 400px will be used. See below for more detailed examples.

    Basic example:
    <a href="" rel="lightvideo">Google video example - default size</a>

    Controlling lightbox size example:
    <a href="" rel="lightvideo[group|width:400px; height:300px;][caption]">Google video example - custom size</a>

    Supported video formats include asx, wmv, mov and swf. A number of online video providers are also supported, including YouTube and Google Video. For a full list of the current supported video providers please see the documentation on