D. Juan García González : Carpenter

Juan González García is a young craftsman who always applies his aesthetic sensibility and know how to his carpentry. He comes from a family of several artisans, with whom he worked for many years until he established his own workshop and now specializes in restoring antique furniture. He's been commissioned by Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Artesanía Canaria (FEDACE) for which he has restored many pieces such as the centuries old benches at the Canary Islands Government building. He also copies traditional furniture in his workshops like palanganeros, shelves and loceros using reclaimed wood tea roof or doors. Part of his time also is spent on the restoration of wood work in the old rural houses as his own, in which one is available for rent for rural holiday (Casa Rural Las Calas de Valleseco). You can admire his craftsmanship at his workshop which is located in the district of Zamora, which he also hosts a permanent exhibition of his work. You can visit by call in advance telephone 928 61 89 05 or 660 68 19 30. You can also appreciate his work in the many craft fairs that are held throughout the archipelago of the Canaries and especially during the Feast of the Apple in Valleseco.

C/Zamora, 50-52
928 61 89 05 / 638 79 83 56