Artesanos in Valleseco


Among the traditions that have remained unchanged over time, are the old offices that continue to exercise today as in times of old. Our commendable artisans produce beautiful pieces that are veritable works of art  made in the best of our Canarian craft tradition. You can see exhibitions of our artisans craftmanship at the tourist office, located in Valleseco township. Please visit their pages below:


Juan González García is a young craftsman who always applies his aesthetic sensibility and know how to his carpentry. He comes from a family of several artisans, with whom he worked for many years until he established his own workshop and now specializes in restoring antique furniture.


Carlos Santiago Hernández is a basket weaver, and he learned his trade back in the fifties from his brother...


Handbags, belts, wallets, bracelets, sandals (guaracha), carpets (zaleas) are made by a leather craftsman, his name is Domingo Morales Cedars.


Inmaculada Alemán Cardenas was interested in art from an early age, but her duties did not allow her to devote herself to practice until recently. She chose to study ceramics from all the possibilities offered by the School of Arts and Crafts, and she studied for four years.

Angel Rosario Hernández : Tallista de piedra

After 15 years working in the quarries of Arucas, he established himself as an independent craftsman, taking full advantage of his gift of drawing that he had cultivated since his childhood.


Luz Marina Perera Santana learned dressmaking from a very young age attending a trade school that specialized in dressmaking in Las Palmas...


Nicolás Rivero Arencibia is a versatile craftsman who was always been attracted to his craft but not until recently has been able to truly devote himself fully. He both weaves baskets and makes wooden box carvings each with the techniques he developed as picadillo Canario working wood for making farm implements for daily use.

Dña. Mª Dolores Rodríguez Vega: Weaver

Dña. Isabel Concepción Hernández: Weaver

Dña. Mª Carmen Ojeda Suárez : Weaver

D. Carmelo Quintana Montesdeoca : Carpenter

D. Antonio Vega Suárez: Carpenter