Bar Restaurante Hnos. Santana

This restaurant is located in the heart of Lanzarote in the oldest house in the area, over 80 years old. It's always been operated by  several members of one family and has always carried the same name.

They serve the traditional Canarian cuisine which is all prepared basis on their homemade recipes such offering many rich stews, dishes with garbanzo, fabada... It also boast among its highlights the best local meat products. Among its specialties is el mojo de cochino, canary dish par excellence, which is not to be found in many establishments. There is also grill and they offers a wide variety of fresh meat on the grill with sauce, conejo en salmorejo, cabrito en adobo o paletillas de cordero al horno (oven).

As in the rest of the town catering establishments, They also participate in is part of tlas Jornadas de la Carne de Cabra that are offered each year to those attending the Sheep/Goats Fair (Feria Ovino Caprina).

For dessert you can try an apple pudding, how could it be otherwise in Valleseco? or gofio or chocolate, cakes, etc.

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Pso/ Las Molinas, 8, Lanzarote
928-61 82 23
Opening hours: 10:00-17:00 Wednesday-Sunday